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A strategy game
you will crave!

Collect ingredients from the board game until you have gathered all items indicated on your dessert card. But watch out!
Mr. Gourmand will try to eat your ingredients and your opponents might rummage through

your stash of food!


A game designed
in Quebec

M. Gourmand is a game that was designed by a small Quebec family and their collaborators. Our company (Jamuz) worked with Laura Vandal for the illustrations and Blanc Crème for the graphic design. Many friends have also contributed to this game in various ways.

A game without text

We have created a game without text so that even the youngest ones can play it easily. The rules of the game are however available in English and French. 

In addition, the graphics have been purposely refined to avoid distractions and allow you to focus
on the essentials.

engrenage et joueurs.png

Fun to play
for all ages

With M. Gourmand, little players learn resource management.

The game is designed to be

easy to understand.
Adults also enjoy it because it is

not just a game of chance. 

They too must make choices!

The game also includes
surprise elements like stealing

and having ingredients eaten!

15 minutes for
2 to 4 players

As the concentration time of young children is short, the duration of the game has been established accordingly. With a duration of approximately 15 minutes, this game is well suited to

any time of the day.
It can be played with 2 to 4 players.

engrenage et joueurs.png

A dessert board game

No cooking skills required! 
This game allows the little ones
to become familiar with the basic ingredients of the recipes. It is important to minimize
screen time and to instill in children
the pleasure and pride of creative play. That's why, as a bonus, we provide the 15 recipes of this game (on this site), to cook with your family. 

Enjoy the desserts!

The recipes you will find on this site are original recipes and have been created and tested ourselves. The steps have been simplified to make them easier for our apprentice bakers to understand.

We wish you as much pleasure baking

them as we had inventing them!

To add to the fun, images from the game have been used

to illustrate the recipes.

Recettes_Mousse aux fraises.png


Frequently Asked Questions

When a recipe is completed, what should I do with my ingredients?

Set aside the completed recipe and return the three ingredients that were used to complete it to the central pantry. If you have other ingredients in your game, you keep them (they may be useful for your second recipe).

Is the game playable with younger children?

The game is quite accessible to children of 5 years old. Some will prefer to modify the duration of the game.  A single "recipe" card may be sufficient for some children.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions about the game.

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